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Hope for Homeless Youth Logo

Hope for 

Homeless Youth

A Ministry Focused on Supporting and Guiding Troubled Youth in the Inner City through Outreach and Discipleship

National Outreaches

We're Feeding The Hunger

We're Feeding

The Hunger

We're Educating


We're Educating Them
High School Outreach

High School


Our Prison

Transition Home

Our Prison Transition Home
Prostitution Outreach





Skatepark Outreach

Gang Prevention


Gang Prevention Outreach
Hollywood Outreach





Invention Club

Directors Clayton & Leanne Golliher

For Over Three Decades, Helping the Forgotten Youth of the Inner City

Hope for Homeless Youth is dedicated to providing outreach services, shelter, and a live-in rehabilitation and discipleship program. Our focus is primarily on aiding displaced and marginalized young individuals who find themselves without a home on the streets of Greater Los Angeles. Our efforts span from Santa Monica Beach to Skid Row, and across Hollywood & Sunset Boulevards. For over 35 years, we have been committed to supporting and rehabilitating the run-away, neglected, and overlooked youth of our inner cities.

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45yrs of Getting Out of our Seats and Into the Streets

How Do We Successfully Engage Street Youth and Young Adults?

For 33 years, our success in helping street youth hinges on the belief that they value care over knowledge. Our consistent weekly outreach in the same locations builds trust. With your support, we provide essentials like water, food (sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, burritos), and depending on the need and season, clothing, blankets, ponchos, and socks.

Our approach is to establish trust, ensuring they know we're here when they need us, offering our contact card for assistance. We focus on compassion rather than forceful religious discourse, gently guiding them towards faith and offering immediate help to leave the streets if they're ready.

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